A Magician with Words

May 15, 2015

My travel writing was honored with a First Place Award in the 2015 Delaware Press Association Contest.

The award was based on two feature articles: “Mane Attractions—and More,” published in AAA World (circulation 2.1 million) and “King of the Mountains,” published in AAA Traveler Worldwise (circulation 100,000). “Mane Attractions” focused on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and three distinctive activities there. The “King of the Mountains” featured my trip in June 2014 to Mount Denali (aka Mount McKinley) in Alaska and other inland attractions in the state.

In the words of the contest judge: “So many descriptions in the articles on Chincoteague and Alaska to tease—and please—the senses. So many practical details for what, where and when. Telling quotes from a variety of sources. And all in so few pages. This author is a veritable magician, a master at the economy of words.”