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“Theresa is one of those freelance writers who will never let you down. She can write authoritatively on any subject, and will do painstaking research to create substantive features. I rarely have to edit her work, and in these days of diminishing editorial staffs and increased responsibilities, having a veteran writer like Theresa makes the editor’s job more manageable. Theresa honors deadlines and builds trust with those she interviews, and I’d recommend her happily to anyone who seeks a conscientious professional with a solid work ethic.”

— Dr. Maria Hess, Editor-in-Chief
    Delaware Today, Delaware Bride, 302 Health, Ultimate Guide to Delaware

“Theresa is a dream freelancer ... she does her research, meets her deadlines, takes criticism well and pitches great story ideas. I wish all of our writers were as conscientious as she is.”

— Gigi Marino, Editor
    Bucknell Magazine, Bucknell University Department of Communications

“Theresa Gawlas Medoff is a writer I frequently call upon to take on complex and challenging stories. She almost magically transforms voluminous information into copy that is clear, concise and easy to understand with outstanding organization. She writes compelling copy that is interesting and entertaining; copy that grabs and holds the reader’s attention. When asked to do so, she provides excellent—often stunning—photos that perfectly illustrate the main points of a story. She’s my ‘go-to’ person to get the story, and she always gets it just right. She often turns her copy in before the deadline, which is getting less and less common. Very simply, Theresa makes my job as an editor easy. She’s a vanishing breed: top notch.”

— Elizabeth Shockley, Editor
    Outdoor Delaware

“Theresa Medoff is the epitome of a professional. Not only is she an excellent writer and editor, but I can always count on her to deliver her top-notch work on time. Some of the research we do is complicated, and Theresa has taken the time to research, ask questions and thoroughly understand our company and the projects we collaborate on so that her work for us is seamless. I not only appreciate Theresa’s talent, I have come to depend on it.”

— Karen Kukulka, Project Manager

“Theresa is bright, articulate and able to communicate complicated ideas clearly. In addition, she has a good sense of humor and she’s not afraid to use it. Deadlines are seemingly met with ease and multiple projects are handled deftly. Her finished assignments are complete and clean. I’ve no doubt that she leaps tall buildings with a single bound, although I have not witnessed this personally—yet.”

— John Moyer
    Senior Editor, AAA World magazine

“Theresa has written press releases, website content, ads, brochures and a video script for our law firm. No matter what the product, her writing gets results.”

— Vince Bifferato, principal
    Bifferato Gentilotti, LLC

“Theresa is my go-to writer. She provides outstanding writing that rarely needs editing. She adheres closely to assignments and is attuned to the tone I’m looking for. Most importantly, I know I can give her an assignment and she will make it happen—no hand holding required.”

— Allison Taylor Levine, APR
irector of Communications, Delaware Community Foundation